Facing medical issues can be like sailing through turbulent waters — the opposite of smooth. At Cava Buys, we understand the challenges of unexpected healthcare expenses. In such times, selling your home can be a lifeline, and our mission is to make the process as smooth as possible, providing a helping hand when you need it most.

Medical Issues

People tend to explore numerous options that yield little to no returns. Luckily, we can offer you one effective solution, and it’s selling your house to us.

Medical expenses can be overwhelming whether you’re facing unexpected hospital bills or needing to relocate for critical treatment. At Cava Buys, we recognize the emotional and financial toll that health-related issues can take on individuals and families.

Pay Bills or Hospital Treatment Relocation Expenses

In the US, the average cost of hospital bills per day can reach as high as $2,883, so when medical bills start piling up, it can feel like you’re stuck in a storm without a compass. No matter your medical issue, your home can be your anchor.

Selling your Virginia home can serve as the answer you’re looking for in addressing these medical challenges. As a result, you can lead a path to financial stability and peace of mind during turbulent times.

We Buy Houses AS-IS in Any Condition

When we say we buy houses “AS-IS,” we mean precisely that. Regardless of the state of your property, we’re here to help. In fact, here are some situations we specialize in:

  • Repairs: It doesn’t matter if your home needs repairs or renovations because we’ll purchase it in any condition.
  • Damage: The same goes for damages. Between 2012 and 2022, Virginia has experienced over 50 weather conditions, amounting to approximately 4.5 billion dollars each year. We buy houses as-is, whether fire, water, or structural damage.
  • Trash: Do you have a cluttered property? No problem, we’ll still buy it from you.
  • Code Violations: If you’re facing code violations, we will handle the red tape and bring your property up to code.
  • Bad Rental Property Tenants: Say goodbye to troublesome tenants because we can also handle tenant evictions if necessary.
  • Hoarder Homes: We understand how stressful it can be to take care of your hoarded items, so leave the clean-up to us.
  • Death Estates: Are you selling an inherited property? Sell it to us, and we’ll make the process hassle-free.
  • Dirty, Rundown, Fixer-Uppers: Ultimately, there’s no need to invest in costly repairs because, as mentioned above, we buy houses as-is.
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We Help People in Any Life Situation

We know that life can throw unexpected challenges your way, but CavaBuys can guide you in navigating them. That said, no matter your situation, we’ve got your back. This includes:

  • Inherited Property: Selling inherited homes can be complicated, but we simplify the process of buying your house.
  • Relocation: Whether for work or health reasons to pay medical bills, we can buy your home quickly.
  • Home Upgrades: Do you need funds for your dream home? We’ll buy your current one.
  • Downsized Homes: If you’re transitioning to a smaller space, we can make the transition smooth.
  • Avoiding Foreclosure: Don’t let foreclosure loom over you. Sell your home to us before you face this issue.
  • Tired Landlords: If you’re a tired property owner, we take rental properties off your hands so you can relax.
  • Family Divorce: Although Virginia has one of the lowest divorce rates in America, with a 9.6% rating, divorce is still messy. So, simplify the division of assets by selling your home to us.
  • Avoiding Bankruptcy: Selling your home quickly can help you avoid financial turmoil.
  • Health or Medical Issues: Additionally, you can cover medical expenses by selling your house as is to Cava Buys.

Get Cash Now for Your Chesapeake, Norfolk, Chesterfield, Richmond, VA, or Virginia Beach Home

Whatever reasons you may have for selling your Chesapeake, Norfolk, Richmond, Chesterfield VA, or Virginia Beach house, know that Cava Buys is here to help.

Sell It to Us for Cash Quickly

Immediate relief is on the horizon because Cava Buys is your lifeline when you need cash quickly. We offer a straightforward solution, putting money in your hands when you need it most.

Read Our Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Please read what our satisfied customers say about their experience with us by visiting our testimonials page.

In life’s storms, your home can become your lifeboat. At Cava Buys, we’re here to help you weather any challenge. Sell your Virginia home quickly, and let us be your answer in difficult times because we buy houses Richmond Virginia. Get your free instant cash offer now!


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