Keeping a Virginia house with building code violations is like cultivating a farm on barren soil. No matter how long you wait, you won’t get much value. With the inflation rate being 6.04%, the value of a property laden with code violations will likely decrease even more. Fortunately, there’s a fast, easy, and profitable way to dispose of these problematic properties.

Cash home buyers like Cava Buys will purchase your troublesome property as-is, no matter how many code violations it has. Read on to learn more about building code violations and why you should sell your Virginia house for cash now (today).

Common Code Violations That Cause Home Selling Problems

Sell Property Fast in Virginia Even With Code Violations

Common Code Violations That Cause Home Selling Problems

The government sets building codes to ensure that residential properties are structurally sound and fit for dwelling. Here are some of the most common code violations that make a house unsafe and impact its marketability.

Insufficient Safety Devices

Safety devices are required in every home to prevent accidents. However, many houses need adequate smoke detectors or carbon monoxide alarms. Moreover, some properties have improperly installed exhaust vents, which can lead to health issues and furniture damage.

Electrical or Circuit Issues

Many homes need to install circuitry or substandard breakers or cables properly. Furthermore, GFCI receptacles, bonding issues, and improper circuit labeling are typical. These are major violations that can cause neighborhood fires and accidental electrocutions.

Missing Handrails

While handrails may seem like minor fixtures, they are an essential safety feature of any house. Failure to replace or correctly install them results in a violation. Building inspectors take note of any missing or improperly fastened handrails.

Faulty Plumbing

Building inspectors look at the immediately apparent areas of a house and those that are less visible, like the plumbing system. Common plumbing violations include inadequately supported piping, missing nail plates, and brittle or low-quality pipes.

Code Violations Affect Property Value

Homes with unresolved code violations are harder to sell. Even buyers on a budget hesitate to purchase a house with compromised safety and structural integrity. Moreover, they want to avoid facing the potential legal consequences of owning a property that is non-compliant with building standards.

This marketability challenge can lead to a 16% dip in your home’s sales price. Its value may go even lower the more unresolved violations it has.

Get Freedom By Selling Your House for Cash

Don’t be shackled by a home filled with code violations. Sell your Virginia house for cash now (today). While there are other options, like hiring a real estate agent or resolving all code violations, nothing beats the fast and cost-effective sales process that a cash home buyer like Cava Buys offers.

Even if a property broker finds you a buyer, chances are you’ll receive payment through installments, or your buyer will have to resort to a mortgage contract with a bank. This is not ideal, given how unpredictable the market is and how quickly the foreclosure rate in Virginia has been increasing. Hence, the best option is to sell your house through a cash payment method.

Sell It To Us for Cash Quickly

Cava Buys is a cash home buyer who purchases residential real estate in Virginia. We buy houses regardless of their condition. Hence, you don’t need to worry about making repairs or maintenance. There are no hidden fees or closing costs; we let you choose the closing date.

Moreover, we’ll give you a reasonable offer after conducting a property assessment. Should you accept, we will pay cash for your home. There’s no need to enter into any mortgage or installment agreement.

Read Our Reviews

Cava Buys helped many homeowners dispose of their problematic houses, including ones with several code violations. If our words are not enough to convince you, then the testimonials from our happy and satisfied Virginia home sellers will.

Final Thoughts

From insufficient safety devices to missing handrails, many code violations can make it challenging to sell my house fast Richmond Virginia. Fortunately, we at Cava Buys can purchase your property as-is and pay you cash. Please request a free and instant cash offer for your home by contacting us at 804-215-0631.


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