Being the landlord of a problematic rental property is like being married to a toxic spouse. Every day, there’s a new problem that you’ll have to deal with. If you don’t, you get so many complaints that you cannot enjoy the good aspects of the relationship. It’s tiring, and all you want to do is get out and move on.

At Cava Buys, we want to discuss the common problems you encounter as a landlord and the options available to ease your burden. You’ll learn how to sell your rental property quickly to finally achieve peace of mind.

Landlord Problems

Being a landlord may have been appealing at first. You have a passive income, earning around $87,000 annually with minimal effort. However, you’ll soon realize that renting a property is like running a business. You start having problems that stress you out regularly, questioning whether the income is still worth the issues you must solve.

Common Recurring Problems You’ll Experience

Here are some common problems you may encounter as a landlord.

Tenant Issues

The most frequent source of stress for rental property owners is problematic and unruly tenants. Some fail to pay on time, resulting in losses. Others treat your property poorly, leading to extensive property damage that leaves you spending so much money on renovation. In some cases, these bad tenants may do illicit activities that lead to criminal cases. Around 25% of tenant applications have some kind of criminal record.

Property Maintenance

Another source of problems for rental property owners is constant maintenance and repairs. Regular upkeep takes time and resources. You’ll also have to allocate funds for emergencies like plumbing leaks and electrical problems. On average, you might need to spend around $1,800 annually. However, this amount could skyrocket if your property is old or has problem tenants.

Legal Compliance

You’ll need to handle a lot of paperwork and other processes to ensure that your property complies with legal requirements, building codes, and other mandates set by the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.

Financial Management

Recording, monitoring, and managing your income and expenses takes effort. Add tax and insurance, and you’re simply inundated with information that most landlords aren’t familiar with. These processes are still hard to track, even when working with an accountant.

Buying Houses As-Is in Any Condition

Tired landlords have one quick option to finally find freedom while still getting some kind of profit — selling the rental property to a cash buyer like us. Cava Buys will purchase any rental or residential property, regardless of current condition. That way, you can still get the trapped equity before finally moving on.

  • Repairs: Properties needing extensive fixes wouldn’t be a problem with us.
  • Damage: If your home has water, fire, or termite damage, we will still buy it.
  • Trash: Let us handle the cleanup. Leave everything behind and move on to a new and trash-free home.
  • Code Violations: You won’t need expensive renovations to resolve a code violation.
  • Hoarder Homes: We can deal with the excess stuff if you let us purchase the property.
  • Death Estates: If you inherited a home you’d rather not deal with, we can help you get rid of it.
  • Dirty: You won’t have to do any deep cleans to appeal to more buyers.
  • Rundown: If your property is extremely deteriorated, we will still purchase it.
  • Fixer-Uppers: Instead of shelling out money to fix the extensive issues of your home, sell it to us.
We Buy Houses in Any Condition for Any Life Situation

We Buy Richmond, Virginia Houses in Any Condition

Helping Property Owners Regardless of Their Life Situations

Aside from tired landlords, we help property owners who are experiencing various circumstances in their lives.

  • Inherited Property: We can help you get rid of an inherited property after the probate process.
  • Relocation: If you’re moving to a new city, selling your house allows you to tap into the equity and gain additional resources.
  • Home Upgrades: Those looking to move to bigger properties can use the profits from the house sale.
  • Downsized Homes: If you’re moving to a smaller property, the equity from your current one can be a source for additional funding.
  • Avoiding Foreclosure: You can preserve your credit score by letting us buy the property under foreclosure.
  • Family Divorce: Let us help with asset division in this turbulent period of your life.
  • Avoiding Bankruptcies: The cash you earn from the sale can help you pay off any outstanding debts.
  • Health or Medical Issues: Access your property’s trapped equity to fund medical treatments.

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